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MCY Technology Limited 成立于 2012 年,在中国中山拥有超过 3,000 平方米的工厂,拥有 100 多名员工(其中 20 多名工程师在汽车行业拥有超过 10 年的经验),是一家专业从事研究、开发、为世界各地的客户销售和服务专业和创新的车辆监控解决方案。 MCY 拥有超过 10 年的车辆监控解决方案开发经验,提供各种车载安全产品,如高清移动摄像头、移动监视器、移动 DVR、行车记录仪、网络摄像机、2.4GHZ 无线摄像系统、12.3 英寸E侧后视镜系统、BSD检测系统、AI人脸识别系统、360度环视摄像系统、驾驶员状态系统(DSM)、高级驾驶辅助系统(ADAS)、GPS车队管理系统等,广泛应用于公共交通领域、物流运输、工程车辆、农机等。

MCY Technology Limited, established in 2012, Over 3, 000 square meters factory in Zhongshan China, employing over 100 employees (including 20+ engineers with over 10 years experience in automotive industry), is a high-tech enterprise specialized in researching, developing, selling and servicing professional and innovative vehicle surveillance solutions for customers all over the world. With over 10 years’ experience in development of vehicle surveillance solutions, MCY offers a variety of in-vehicle security products, such as HD mobile camera, mobile monitor, mobile DVR, dash camera, IP camera, 2.4GHZ wireless camera system, 12.3inch E-side mirror system, BSD detection system, AI facial recognition system, 360 degree surround view camera system, driver status system (DSM), advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), GPS fleet management system, etc., widely used in public transportation, logistic transportation, engineering vehicle, farm machinery and etc.