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宇通集团介绍 宇通,一家以客车、专用车、卡车、环卫装备、工程机械为主业的商用车集团,兼顾房地产等其他投资业务。 宇通拥有客车、客车专用车、卡车、工程机械、客车零部件设计和制造五大生产基地。目前,宇通已形成涵盖5米至18米覆盖公路客运、旅游、公交、团体、校车、专用客车等各个细分市场的完整产品链。2022年,销售各类商用车37808辆,新能源稳居行业第一梯队,历经20余年发展,累计销售新能源商用车超17.2万辆。目前已批量远销至法国、英国、丹麦、挪威、澳大利亚、沙特、哈萨克斯坦、墨西哥、卡塔尔、埃塞俄比亚等40多个国家和地区,大中型客车国内市场占有率28.2%,连续多年产销量稳居中国第一,全球占有率超过10%,在主要目标市场,宇通已成为国际客车主流供应商之一。

Yutong Profile Yutong is a commercial vehicle group mainly specialized in the bus & coach, special vehicle, truck, sanitation equipment, and construction machinery, also covering areas of real estate and other investment business. Yutong has five manufacturing bases for the bus & coach, special vehicle, truck, construction machinery and parts and components. Up to now, Yutong has formed a complete 5m-18m product lineup consisting of buses and coaches and covering such segments as long-distance coach, tourism coach, city bus, commuter coach, school bus and special-purpose vehicle. In 2022, the sales volume of commercial vehicles reached 37,808 units, ranking one of the best in terms of new energy vehicles. After over 20 years of development, the total sales of new energy commercial vehicles topped 172,000 units. Yutong has sold in batches to over 40 countries and regions such as France, the UK, Denmark, Norway, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Qatar and Ethiopia. In terms of large and medium-sized buses, it accounts for 28.2% in the domestic market share, topping the sales for consecutive years in China. With a global market share of over 10%, Yutong has become one of the world’s major bus and coach suppliers in the main target markets.