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中通客车股份有限公司成立于1958年,1971年开始正式生产客车,是国内最早的客车生产企业和客车上市企业之一。目前,公司拥有总资产150亿元,员工5000余人,主要生产设备2000台(套),拥有国际领先水平的现代化生产线,具有年产3万辆节能与新能源客车的生产能力。 至今,中通累计推广客车27万余辆,其中新能源客车7万余辆,畅行全球100多个国家和地区。近年来,中通客车行业的位次、净资产收益率稳居国内前二、进入全球前五,成为全球客车行业代表品牌之一。 多年来,依托国家认定技术中心、博士后科研工作站、国家认定企业实验室、国家级工业设计中心、院士工作站多个创新平台,联合国内知名院校和科研院所,致力于客车安全、节能及新能源客车技术研究,现已获得授权专利400余项,参与制定了数十项国家标准,并荣获承30多项国内外大奖,担国家级重点研发项目13项,推动了行业进步。 中通客车致力于创新和发展,世纪之初引进欧洲先进的客车生产技术,并自主开发出一系列领先于国内同行业的客车,涵盖了6-18米公路客车、公交、旅游、团体、高端商务、校车、物流车、特种车各个细分市场共15大系列260余个品种,具有极强的市场竞争力。其中新能源客车产品和氢燃料客车产品市场占有率领先,并取得了良好社会和经济效益。 2018年8月,公司实际控制人变更为山东重工集团有限公司,公司发展迈上了新台阶。展望未来,公司将坚持客户满意是我们的宗旨的核心理念,求真务实,开拓创新,努力打造服务民生与造福社会的优秀企业,以一流的产品、一流的管理和一流的营销,向"世界一流的绿色智能客车制造强企"的目标前进。

Zhongtong bus has been specializing in the production of buses since 1971, and successfully listed in Shenzhen in 2000. It is one of the earliest bus manufacturers and bus listed enterprises in China. At present, the company has a total assets of 15 billion yuan, nearly 5000 employees, a plant area of 934000 square meters, 2000 sets of main production equipment (sets), a modern production line with international leading level, and an annual production capacity of 30000 energy-saving and new energy buses. The company has the fi rst state-level laboratory, state-level technology center and postdoctoral research workstation in the bus industry, and is the only enterprise in the bus industry in China that undertakes three major national "863" projects. With years of technology accumulation, the company has been committed to the research of bus safety, energy saving and new energy technology in combination with well-known domestic universities and scientific research institutes. It has received more than 200 patents, participated in the formulation of dozens of national standards, and won more than 30 domestic and foreign awards, promoting the progress of the industry. The company has become a "national high-tech enterprise", "key high-tech enterprise of national Torch Plan" and "national automobile export base enterprise". At present, the company's product system covers 6-18 meters, including road passenger transport, public transport, tourism, group, high-end business, school bus and other market segments, with a total of 15 series and more than 260 varieties. It has a strong market competitiveness and is sold well in more than 100 countries and regions in the world. Over the years, the company adheres to the strategy of strengthening the enterprise by quality and deeply implements the excellent performance management mode. It has successively won the "quality award of governor of Shandong Province", "quality management award of Shandong Province" and "Mayor quality of Liaocheng City" Quantity award, energy conservation and environmental protection demonstration enterprise of Shandong Province, brand value Jiaxian award of Shandong Province, top ten most potential brands of Shandong Province, best employer of China's bus industry, China's famous brand, China's well-known trademark, China's top 50 enterprises integrating two industries, China's top 500 brands, Gold Award of the first provincial governor's industrial cup design competition, etc. In August 2018, the actual controller of the company was changed to Shandong Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. Shandong Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is an international industrial equipment group with the whole vehicle as the leader and the power system as the core. It has a series of famous domestic and foreign commercial vehicle brands, such as Weichai Power, Shaanxi heavy automobile, fast gearbox, hande vehicle bridge, etc. In 2018, the group's operating revenue reached 280 billion yuan, with a total profit of more than 20 billion yuan, overseas business revenue accounting for 40%, and more than 80000 employees worldwide. After joining Shandong heavy industry group, the development of Zhongtong bus has stepped into a new platform. Looking forward to the future, the company will adhere to the corporate mission of "innovating science and technology, leading the new era of green transportation" and the corporate tenet of "enriching employees, strengthening enterprises, rewarding the society, and growing together with business partners", be realistic and pragmatic, develop and innovate, and strive to create excellent enterprises that serve the people's livelihood and benefit the society- -The goal of "world class green bus industry cluster" is to achieve the goal of "world class green bus industry cluster".