E1A27 | 广西玉柴机器股份有限公司 


广西玉柴机器股份有限公司,中国最大独立发动机系统和新能源动力系统制造商。公司始建于1951年,总资产221亿元,年销售收入超200亿元,发动机年生产能力达60万台。 玉柴拥有南宁、玉林、欧洲三大研发基地,与40多家国内外科研机构合作建立联合开发中心,打造了国际前沿的科研基地。2019年,国家发展改革委发布了国家企业技术中心评价结果,玉柴位列全国第五,高居行业首位。 玉柴搭建了行业内产品链丰富、完整、适配性强的产品谱系,涵盖14大平台49大系列2000多个发动机产品,功率覆盖15千瓦~4200千瓦,产品包括柴油机、燃气机、混合动力系统、纯电动系统,广泛应用于卡车、客车、工程机械、农业装备、船舶、发电、专用车、轻型车等领域,产品远销往亚、欧、美、非和大洋洲等180多个国家和地区。 在国内,玉柴设立了19个销售大区、12个通机大区、14个船电大区、29个后市场办事处,拥有专业的卡车服务站1900多家,客车1500多家,农机服务站900多家,工程机械服务站900多家,船电服务站700多家。在海外,玉柴于亚、美、非、欧洲设立了16个办事处、228家服务代理、846个网点,全力为用户提供“捷•诚”服务。

Yuchai is committed to "meeting the public's needs for power with its excellent and leading technology" and continuously increasing the value of engine products. It has designed a product line with horizontal layout and vertical development, and provided a product spectrum with the longest product chain, the widest product range and the highest adaptability in the industry, which incorporates 10 platforms, 30 series and over 2,000 varieties of products with a power ranging from 20 to 2,800 kW. Its products include diesel engine, gas engine, hybrid power system, and pure electric system, which are characterized by high power, high torque, high reliability, low fuel consumption, low noise, low emission, and high adaptability, and thus the first choice in China for trucks, buses, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, marine machinery, power generation machinery, special vehicles, passenger cars, etc. It has provided a strong impetus to the development of the Chinese economy and the world economy.