E1A26 | 华丰燃料电池有限公司


由北京亿华通科技股份有限公司和丰田汽车公司共同出资组建,成立于2021年6月,总投资额约为80亿日元,双方各持股50%,公司致力于通过生产及销售“联合燃料电池系统研发(北京)有限公司”(以下简称FCRD)开发的燃料电池系统从而普及FCEV,为实现“氢能社会”及“环保移动社会”做出贡献。 公司总部位于北京市经济技术开发区,占地面积约11万平方米,建设有燃料电池生产线、检测线和研发中心,其生产将基于环保理念,运用TPS生产方式打造智能化生产体制,具备灵活应对市场需求的能力。 公司产品基于丰田先进的燃料电池技术,通过FCRD自主设计研发,以适用于中国商用车领域不同输出功率的要求,具有高功率、高可靠性、长寿命、低成本等特性,可适配公交车、团体客车、物流车、卡车等多种车型。目前,公司正联合产业上下游企业,探索更多燃料电池系统应用场景,开发更多元化的产品,推动构建绿色、低碳交通体系,助力实现能源及环境的可持续发展。

The company was jointly funded and established by Beijing SinoHytec and Toyota Motor Corporation. It was established in June 2021 with a total investment of approximately 8 billion yen. Both parties hold 50% of the shares. The company is committed to popularizing FCEV through the production and sales of fuel cell systems developed by "United Fuel Cell System Research and Development (Beijing) Co., Ltd." (hereinafter referred to as FCRD), and contributes to the realization of a "hydrogen energy society" and an "environmental mobile society". The company is headquartered in Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area, covering an area of about 110,000 m2. It will officially put into production of fuel cell systems and stacks in 2023. Its production philosophy will be based on the concept of environmental protection and TPS production methods to create an intelligent production system and ensure the flexibility to satisfy market demand. The company’s products are based on Toyota’s advanced fuel cell technology, designed and developed independently by FCRD to meet the requirements of different power output in the field of Commercial vehicles in China, featuring high power, high reliability, long life, low cost and other characteristics, and can be adapted to buses, logistics vehicles, trucks and other models. At present, the company is cooperating with upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry to explore more application scenarios of fuel cell system, develop more diversified products, promote the development of a green and low-carbon transportation system and contribute to sustainable energy and environmental development.