E1A17 | 北京福田欧辉新能源汽车有限公司



Beijing Foton AUV New Energy Auto Co., Ltd. (referred to as Foton AUV New Energy Bus Unit) is a holding subsidiary of Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd. (referred to as Foton Motor), which undertakes the business of R&D, sales and service of medium and large buses for Foton Motor. Foton AUV New Energy Bus Unit is the earliest enterprise dedicated to the research and development of new energy buses, and the earliest enterprise to realize the commercial operation of new energy buses in China. With Beijing as the center, Foton AUV New Energy Bus Unit has three manufacturing bases located in Beijing, Hebei and Shandong Province respectively, covering 5.4- to 18-meter segment middle- and high-end city buses, inter-city buses, school buses, special vehicles and other product categories. Adhering to the concept of Green Development, Foton AUV New Energy Bus Unit has always been at the forefront of the industry in new energy technology research and development, product operation and service guarantee. Foton AUV New Energy Bus Unit has fully mastered the leading new energy core technologies such as vehicle control integration technology, intelligent safety technology, energy-saving technology, reliability technology and trial production test technology, and independently developed more than 7,900 innovations such as e-AIR intelligent circulation system, electric control braking device and electric steering pump speed regulation device, all of which have been granted patents and applied to Foton AUV bus products; Complete a number of National 863 Research Projects in the field of new energy buses such as fuel cell, battery electric and plug-in hybrid power; With the full value chain supply system of engine, transmission, axle and key components, Foton AUV New Energy Bus Unit is the only bus company that truly masters powertrain technology; It has international advanced automatic and intelligent production lines for welding, painting and assembly; What’s more, the project "Key Technologies and Applications of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus" led by Foton AUV New Energy Bus Unit won the first prize of "Science and Technology Progress Award of China Automotive Industry".