E1A31 | 欧科佳(上海)汽车电子设备有限公司


欧科佳(上海)汽车电子设备有限公司成立于2003年,是欧科佳集团(ACTIA Group)在中国的独资子公司,为商用车、乘用车、非道路机械与特种车辆提供车载电子设备与架构系统,以及汽车电子检测与诊断设备及软件系统,主要产品如下: 一、CAN总线与电子电气架构: 1、智能座舱:智能座舱随动一体式仪表台; 2、仪表:组合式仪表、全液晶仪表、智能触控面板、抬头显示器; 3、模块:车身电器控制模块、CAN总线网关模块、安全型控制器、车用以太网交换机; 4、多媒体:音视频播放器、麦克风、喇叭、USB充电器。 二、定制化整车诊断:故障诊断仪、电流钳、车辆通讯接口。 三、车联网设备与服务:车联网网关、车联网终端。

Founded in 2003, Actia (China) Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. is the wholly owned subsidiary of ACTIA Group in China. It provides on-board electronic equipment and E-E architectures, as well as automotive electronic testing & diagnostic equipment and software systems for commercial vehicles, light vehicles, off-highway and special vehicles. It offers mainly the following products: 1. CAN bus & E-E architecture: A. Workplace: adjustable dashboard. B. Instrumentation & display: clusters, intelligent touch panels, displays. C. Automation ECUS: BCMs, CAN gateways, ruggedized hydraulic function controllers, automotive Ethernet switches. D. Entertainment: media players, microphones, amplifiers, USB chargers. 2. Diagnostics: VCIs, diagnostic tools, current clamps. 3. Telematics & Service: T-BOX, telematic gateway units.